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Critical Water Shortage in Crimea May Prompt New Russian Move Against Ukraine

Via Jamestown Monitor, a slightly dated but currently relevant, look at how a critical water shortage in Crimea may partially be behind Russia’s moves against Ukraine: The Crimean Peninsula has long suffered from water shortages, but these are now often exacerbated by the ever-more frequent winters with little-to-no rain or snow. In the last several months, under Russian […]

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Iran, Iraq Exchange Charges Over Water Flow

Via Al Monitor, a report that Iraq is planning to complain to the International Court of Justice about the drop in water flow from Iran Iraq is planning to file a lawsuit against Iran for water cuts, according to Iraq’s Minister of Water Resources Mahdi Rashid Al Hamdani.  Iraq has received only one-tenth of what it […]

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First Nations Want A Say In How Dwindling Colorado River Is Used

Via Circle of Blue, a look at the role the First Nations are seeking in discussions related to the Colorado River: Lorenzo Pena pulls off the highway and into a drive-through water distribution center on the Southern Ute Indian Tribe reservation in southwest Colorado. He parks his truck and connects the empty tank it’s hauling […]

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Water Footprint Analysis of Central Asia

Via China Water Risk, commentary on how Central Asia can help mitigate its water & climate risks though adjusting its virtual water trade & interregional collaboration: Central Asia is facing a worrisome mix of challenges incl. decreased water availability & drought; few unaware of impacts on the Aral sea from overuse of water for irrigation Region […]

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Egypt Looks To Groundwater As Talks Deadlock On Ethiopia Dam

Via Al Monitor, a report that Egypt looks to groundwater collection as talks deadlock on Ethiopia dam Egypt’s Irrigation Ministry strives to collect the maximum amount of groundwater by installing “auto-control” devices in more than 15 underground wells. Egyptian Minister of Water and Irrigation Mohamed Abdel Aty said that the ministry developed and increased the efficiency of its machinery […]

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Pakistan’s Growing Water Insecurity

Via The Nation, an article on Pakistan’s growing water insecurity:    Water insecurity is already imposing significant social, environmental, and economic development challenges for Pakistan. In recent years, climate-induced disasters (floods and droughts) have highlighted the urgency to introduce climate-resilient solutions for improved water governance at all levels. In 1980, Pakistan had a relatively abundant supply […]

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