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Water Disputes Compound Instability In The Middle East

Via the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, an article on the impact of water scarcity in the Middle East: The Middle East is one of the driest regions in the world. The scarcity of water has often been touted as a source of national and interstate disputes in the area. Some scholars have predicted for some […]

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Iranians Thirsty For Change

Via Asia Times, a report on the water crisis exploding in Iran as authorities crack down hard on protesters who perceive severe water shortages are a result of state mismanagement: Unprecedented water shortages in Iran have sparked protests across southwestern Khuzestan that have quickly spread to other regions, a popular uprising that threatens wider stability […]

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U.S. / Canada: A River Runs Through It

Courtesy of the Wilson Quarterly, a look at the Columbia River Treaty and what lessons it holds for Canada/US water relations: The Columbia River defines the Pacific Northwest for both Canada and the United States. It runs for 1,243 miles from the Canadian Rockies to reach the Pacific Ocean. It also forms part of the […]

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Water Shortages Threaten Iran With Political and Economic Apocalypse

Via Bloomberg, a report on Iran’s water shortages which may result in massive population displacement as provincial aquifers run dry: Amid the escalating protests over water shortages in Iran’s oil-producing Khuzestan province, government officials in Tehran are unable to fall back on the old excuse that nobody could have seen the crisis coming. They themselves […]

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Bone Dry Afghanistan Faces Future Famines

Via Third Pole, an article on how limate change, bad water management and decades of conflict have left the country unprepared to face worsening droughts due to climate change, with many now fleeing drought and hunger: With scant rainfall meaning little access to clean water either to drink or for irrigation, Khiolo, her husband and […]

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High Crimes: Illegal Marijuan Farms Stealing California’s Scarce Water

Via CalMatters, a look at how – as drought grips most of California – water thefts have increased to record levels: One day last spring, water pressure in pipelines suddenly crashed In the Antelope Valley, setting off alarms. Demand had inexplicably spiked, swelling to three and half times normal. Water mains broke open, and storage tanks […]

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