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Revisiting the Egyptian-Ethiopian Water Dilemma

Via Future Directions International, commentary on the Egyptian-Ethiopian water rivalry: The rivalry over the Nile water is a major issue that threatens the stability of north-east Africa. The Nile has particular importance for Egypt and Ethiopia. It is a source of food and water for both countries and has a significant impact on their energy […]

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Is Water Scarcity a Bigger Threat Than the Taliban in Afghanistan?

Via The Diplomat, a look at how water scarcity — not war — is a rising cause for displacement in Afghanistan: The United Nations has stated that water scarcity — not war — is a rising cause for displacement in Afghanistan. There are 1.5 million Afghans, approximately 4 percent of the population, that are displaced and […]

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Imran Khan’s Bid To Crowdfund $14bn For Pakistan Dams

Via Terra Daily, a report on Imran Khan’s bid to crowdfund $14bn for Pakistan dams: It’s a far cry from those sponsored Facebook posts asking you to invest in a start-up’s new digital watch or an unbreakable phone case. But Imran Khan wants Pakistanis to crowdfund a whopping $14 billion for desperately needed dams, a plea […]

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Water Scarcity In Egypt

Via Inter Press Service, an article on Egypt’s water scarcity challenges: Local residents in Cairo are becoming concerned and discontent as water scarcity is reaching a critical point in the capital and the rest of the country. Although not all areas of the country are affected in the same way, many Cairo residents say they […]

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Beware The China Model: Asia Doesn’t Have Enough Water

Via Third Pole, a report on Asia’s water shortage: Asia does not have enough water to fuel its economy or provide food and power unless countries radically rethink their current export–led growth model, argues a new report from the Hong Kong based NGO China Water Risk. At the heart of this water crisis are Asia’s ten major rivers […]

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Indus Divided: Can India And Pakistan Cooperate On Water?

Via Third Pole, an article on India and Pakistan’s tension over water: In 2010 an organisation I was working with held a conference on water issues. The rhetoric on the Indus was being tapped by militant organisations, and it was in the interest of both India and Pakistan to encourage some dialogue on the issues […]

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