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Laos’ Thirst For Mekong River Dams Imperils Region’s Fishing and Farming

Courtesy of the Washington Post, a look at Laos’ desire for more Mekong River dams impacts its regional neighbors: Dismissing its neighbors’ pleas, impoverished Laos is rapidly building a Mekong River dam that threatens fisheries crucial to millions of Southeast Asia’s poorest people. The site of the Don Sahong dam, less than 2 kilometers (1 […]

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Brazil: Even With 20% Of The World’s Water Supply, It Is Still Very Thirsty

Via the World Bank, a report on the need for Brazil to improve its water resource management to meet the growing demand for drinking water and for water used in the agricultural and energy sectors: If Brazil has nearly a fifth of the world’s water reserves, then why are water shortages so often in the […]

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The Parched Tiger: India and Pakistan Water Tensions Escalate to The Hague

Courtesy of Circle of Blue, a detailed look at how hydropower projects are sparking discord in the Indus River basin, but that real water management challenges go deeper: Officials in Pakistan are poised to take their clash with India over hydropower projects in Jammu and Kashmir to the highest levels of international arbitration. It marks […]

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Iran: Water Shortages Could Displace 50 Million People

Via the Financial Tribune, an alarming report on the severity of Iran’s water challenges: Severity of the water shortage in Iran has not yet dawned on the general public. Even government authorities had not acknowledged the depth of problem until only recently. Negligence and carelessness now has Iran facing hard times. “We are now dealing […]

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The Thirsty Dragon: Three Gorges…Disgorged

Via The Economist, a look at China’s Three Gorges dam: OUTSIDE China, the monster Three Gorges dam across the Yangzi river is one of the most reviled engineering projects ever built. It is blamed for fouling the environment and causing great suffering among the 1.2m people who were relocated to make way for its reservoir. […]

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Iraq: The Land Between Two Threatened Rivers

Via Future Directions International, a look at Iraq’s water crisis: Key Points Iraq depends on surface water from the Tigris-Euphrates river system for almost all of its water and increased groundwater exploitation over the past decade could exhaust aquifers by 2030. Infrastructural damage, sustained after decades of government mismanagement, neglect and war, will continue to […]

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