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The Thirsty Dragon: Map Of China’s Provincial Water Resources and Use (2002-2010)

Via Circle of Blue, an interesting mapping tool on China’s water: Nearly 70 percent of water withdrawn in China is for agriculture, while 20 percent is withdrawn to mine, process, and consume coal. By 2020, China’s water use — driven in large part by the 30 percent expected increase in coal-fired power production — will […]

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Will Water Shortages Unleash Instability In The Middle East?

Via The International, a report on water tensions in the Middle East: A NASA study, released last Friday, indicates that water shortages could affect millions in the Middle East. Images, captured by NASA’s twin Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE) satellites, reveal significant water loss, in a period of six years, in the Tigris and […]

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The Thirsty Dragon: China’s West-East Electricity Transfer Project

Via The Wilson Center’s China Environmental Forum, an interesting report on China’s energy and water imbalances, and the looming choke point China faces in terms of water, food and energy security: Mammoth infrastructure development is keeping China’s economic engine running at a fast clip. Nevertheless, China’s urban and industrial centers on the east coast still […]

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FAO Infographic: Water Scarcity

Via the FAO:

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The Thirsty Dragon: Low Salt Diet And Costly Drips

Via The Economist, an interesting article on China’s desalination efforts: CHINESE officials are fond of grandiose engineering projects. After more than a decade of toil, one of the biggest since the construction of the Great Wall is close to achieving what they like to call a “decisive victory”. In coming months, canals and pipelines hundreds […]

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India Says Teesta Water Agreement With Bangladesh Possible This September

Via OOSKA News, a report on Indian-Bangladesh water issues: An agreement between India and Bangladesh on sharing the water of the Teesta River could be reached this September when the Bangladeshi prime minister is next scheduled to visit India, according to Indian External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid. “I do sincerely hope, in the next few […]

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