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Global Water Demand By 2050

Via Big Picture Agriculture, an interesting graphic from the OECD: Right now there is a lot in the news about future water shortages because of the World Water Week meeting being held in Stockholm August 26-31, 2012. The OECD graph above shows how and where water needs will increase by 55 percent between 2000 and […]

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‘Eating’ Water: A Rising Threat to a Thirsty Population

Via Global Geopolitics, an interesting look at the use of water to grow food: Paradoxically, the water we “eat” is likely to become one of the growing new dangers to millions of the world’s thirsty, hungering for this finite natural resource.”More than one-fourth of all the water we use worldwide is taken to grow over […]

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The Thirsty Dragon: Another Look At China’s North-South Transfer Project

Courtesy of China Dialogue, some commentary on China’s North-South water transfer project: Tom Levitt: What do you mean by our water footprint?     Ruth Matthews: A water footprint generally breaks down into three components. The green water footprint is the water that is used by plants from rainfall that has not run-off the soil and […]

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Yemen: A Country Run Dry

Via The Guardian, an article on Yemen’s intensifying water crisis: Despite plans to focus on rainwater harvesting and on water drilling, Yemen’s political uncertainty has pushed sanitation and water access down the list of priorities. Under a staircase, clinging to a wall of Sana’a’s Grand Mosque, groups of women and children lug plastic canisters to […]

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A New Course For The Brahmaputra

Courtesy of, commentary on how policymakers must put the needs of people and ecosystems before national strategic goals in order to rethink development along the Brahmaputra River: In discussions about managing international rivers, it is generally assumed that countries sharing a river can and should work cooperatively for hydropower and, by extension, economic development. […]

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Harnessing South Asia’s Rivers

Via Third, an interesting look at how government negotiations have failed to improve water cooperation in South Asia, but a new regulatory body that encompasses the entire Himalayan watershed may offer a way forward: Historic power outages in India this month deprived 670 million people of electricity, more than any previous global outage. These […]

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