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Water Scarcity May Add to Instability in Africa

Via Bloomberg, a report on the impact of water scarcity to instability in Africa: The worsening problem of water scarcity may contribute to political instability in sub-Saharan Africa, said John Kufuor, the head of a World Bank-affiliated effort to improve living conditions in poor countries. “People migrate to find water anywhere if there’s a scarcity […]

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U.S. / Mexico: Tempers Boil Over Border Water Battle

Via The San Antonio Express, a report on recent tension between the US and Mexico over the Rio Grande: State officials are taking a stand against the binational International Boundary and Water Commissionover the release of Rio Grande water to Mexico. They say the water payments will cause substantial losses to U.S. crops and run […]

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Iran Launches $1.5 Billion Project To Bring Water From Caspian Sea To Country’s Central Desert

Via The Washington Post, an article on a new Iranian plan to address its drinking and irrigation water shortage.  As the report notes: Iran has launched a $1.5 billion project to bring water for drinking and irrigation from the Caspian Sea to its central desert. Monday’s report on state TV did not say how long […]

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The Thirsty Dragon: China’s Drought Dilemma

Via The Economist, a report on China’s water problems: FANG HAIXIN, a subsistence farmer near the village of Huopu in western Guizhou province, never used to fret about not having enough water. True, there was the odd dry year. But rainfall was usually abundant, and harvests adequate. Yet like many in south-west China over the […]

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Could Egypt Run Out Of Water By 2025?

Courtesy of Green Prophet, a look at Egypt’s water concerns: When construction began on the Nile’s Aswan Dam in 1960, in the southern reaches of Egypt, Egyptians were sure they were about to tame the world’s longest river. “Before the dam, the people’s lives here were much worse. The water would rise and fall without […]

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Water Scarcity Leads More to Peace Than War

Via Green Prophet, an interesting article on the possibility that water scarcity may lead more to peace than war: A couple of months ago a friend of mine studying at the Monterey Institute of International Studies engaged with a Green Prophet post about the link between water and security. As it turns out, she is […]

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