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Water Scarcity Spares Just Two Arab Nations by 2015

Via Treehugger, a report on the dire water future facing most Arab nations: “…We’ve covered the growing issue of water scarcity around the globe a number of times (including pointing out some interactive maps on the subject). A new report coming from the Arab Forum for Environment and Development fills in some details on how […]

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Mekong Progress? Study Calls For 10-Year Freeze on Dam Construction

Via Circle of Blue, news of a new study approved by the Mekong River Commission (MRC) calling for a 10-year freeze on the construction of hydropower dams along Southeast Asia’s Mekong River.   As the article notes: “…When in September Laos submitted its plans for the construction of the 1,260-megawatt Sayaboury hydropower dam on the Mekong […]

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Hydraulic Pressures: Reaching A Tipping Point?

Via Foreign Affairs, an interesting review of several books examining the emerging global water crisis: “…Although warnings that water crises, even water wars, are pending have a long history — and a long history of being overblown — there are increasing signs that the management of water resources worldwide is now reaching a tipping point. […]

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Central Asian Water Politics…with Energy & Security Implications

Courtesy of STRATFOR (subscription required), a detailed look at the water politics of Central Asia, namely Tajikistan’s request for Russian support of a hydroelectric power plant that Uzbekistan opposes.  As the article notes: “…sources in Central Asia reported Nov. 1 that Russia is in talks with Tajik authorities about having an open contract for Russia’s […]

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