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The 21st Century Cold War: Battle Between Glacial Ice and Gold

Via Counterpunch, an interesting article on the tensions surrounding the Golden Glaciers of Pascua Lama located in the Andean Mountains of Chile and Argentina – many of which have gold deposits underneath their ice sheets proving that all that glitters is not just gold. Sometimes, it is the reflective beauty of a glacier.  As the […]

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The (Power) Hungry Dragon: Myanmar, China, and Thailand Agree to Study $10 Billion Hydropower Project

Via Reuters, a report that China, Myanmar and Thailand have agreed to study a $10 billion hydropower project that would be Southeast Asia’s largest by generation capacity.  As the article notes: “…The 7-gigawatt project would be built on the Salween River in Myanmar over 15 years, China’s State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission said in […]

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Parched For Peace: The Middle Eastern Water Crisis

Courtesy of The Earth Institute, a detailed look at the Middle East’s water crisis.  As the article notes: “…For a vast majority of the past fifty years, oil and its abundance defined the Middle East. In coming years, however, that part of the world may well be defined by the dearth of a different natural […]

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A Parched Tiger: India’s Water Crisis

Courtesy of The Financial Times’ Beyond BRICs blog, a report on India’s water crisis: “India’s water crisis is more serious than its energy crisis,” said Montek Singh Ahluwalia deputy chairman of the goverrnment’s planning commission. “Everyone knows it’s a problem,” he added. While the government says it has recognised the severity of India’s water shortages […]

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An Arabian Aquapocalypse and Egypt’s Nile-less Future?

Courtesy of Green Prophet, two articles that remind us of the water crises awaiting much of the Middle East.  As the first notes, some officials have recently called the Middle East water problem an apocalypse, to draw attention to the real and immediate danger shortages represent: “…While bureaucrats push paper in their plush offices, the […]

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The Thirsty Dragon: Bringing the Bohai Sea to Xinjiang

Via Danwei, an interesting article on a new proposal to divert seawater to Xinjiang: “…The South-North Water Transfer Project (南水北调工程) is a major infrastructure project designed to bring water resources from the Yangtze River in the south to the Yellow River in the north. The project is not without controversy, but water scarcity in the […]

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