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Understanding the Linkage Between Water and Energy Security: The Geopolitical “Watergy Nexus”

Courtesy of Hydro-Logic, an interesting look at how the interconnected dynamics of water and energy resources – what I have defined as the “watergy nexus” – affects global politics, security, and tensions related to water scarcity.  As the article notes, the bottom line is that water and energy issues are inextricably linked. No longer can […]

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Asian Water Tension: Pakistan, India, and the Indus Waters Treaty

Courtesy of Hydro-Logic, the second part of an in-depth analysis at Asia’s water tensions, this time focusing on Indai and Pakistan.  As the article notes: In 1960, an agreement over the water resources originating in Jammu – Kashmir (which, again, I will refer to as JK) was brokered by the World Bank between Pakistan and […]

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Water In South Asia – Affecting The Balance of Power

Courtesy of Hydro-Logic, an excellent analysis of how transboundary water issues are one of the top three concerns affecting the balance of power in the region that is dominated by China, India, and Pakistan. As the article notes: “…water and energy are inextricably linked, in a ”nexus” which I shall address in a future post, […]

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Increasing Tension As ‘Watergy Nexus’ Increases In Importance

Via Terra Daily, another report noting the growing concerns over escalating water crises, particularly as the water-energy nexus (“watergy nexus”) becomes more and more apparent.  As the article notes: “…Population growth, urbanisation, increasing pollution, soil erosion and climate variations are all reflected in the management and adequacy of the world’s waters. The situation is particularly […]

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