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Southwest U.S.: A Thirsty Las Vegas Looks Northward

Via Time, an interesting article on the further developing water conflicts in the southwest U.S., namely between a thirsty Las Vegas and communities to the north.  As the article notes: “The valley below Nevada’s Snake mountains should not have much to fear from Las Vegas. Its dun-colored terrain daubed with the green of shrubs, meadow […]

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Central Asia: Creation of A Downstream Water-Energy Bloc

Via Windows on Eurasia, an interesting report on the geopolitics behind the death of the Aral Sea and the emergence of “the youngest desert in the world, the Aralkum” which, as the article notes, are causing the countries around it to be increasingly drawn into serious conflicts over ever scarcer water resources. “…as a result […]

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Central Asia Water Wars: Turkmenistan To Join Kazakhstan & Uzbekistan Vs. Kyrgyzstan & Tajikistan

Via The Foreign Policy Association, a report that – in advance of the International Fund for Saving the Aral Sea meeting in Almaty on April 28 – Uzbekistan’s President, Islam Karimov, has been busy convincing Turkmenistan’s President, Gurbangly Berdymukhamedov, to ally with the downstream Central Asian states against the upstream ones.  As the article notes: […]

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India & China: A Dam(n) Race on the Brahmaputra

Via The Tibetan Plateau blog, a report that India and China may be about to undertake a race to dam the Brahmaputra.  As the article notes: “…Worried that China might build a very big dam on the Brahmaputra River near its borders, India has recently approved two big dams of their own, “in principle”, on […]

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Water Conflict in Yemen

Via The Yemen Times, a sobering report on the state of water – and related conflict – in Yemen.  As the article notes: “Seventy percent of tribal conflict in Yemen is over water. Dozens are killed every year, daily life is disturbed, and development projects are put on hold because of fights over water wells […]

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Water: Moving From A Local To Global Challenge

As reported by The Economist, water shortages are increasingly going to be viewed as a global versus a local challenge due to the converging pressures of population growth/lifestyle developments and climate change.  As the article notes: “…THE overthrow of Madagascar’s president in mid-March was partly caused by water problems—in South Korea. Worried by the difficulties […]

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