Tajikistan and Uzbekistan Sign Water & Power Agreement

Via Radio Free Europe, a brief but interesting report on a water & power sharing agreement between Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.  As the article notes

“…Tajikistan and Uzbekistan have signed an agreement establishing closer economic ties that will ease the electricity shortage in Tajikistan.

Parts of Tajikistan have been without power since December, when Uzbekistan stopped allowing Turkmen electricity to be carried to Tajikistan. Other regions of Tajikistan have been rationing electricity.

The two countries also approved a debt repayment timetable, trading Uzbekistan’s $16 million debt to Tajikistan for Uzbek natural gas.

A water-sharing agreement was also put in place for a reservoir in northern Tajikistan.

Tajik experts say the agreement should ease the strained relations between the two countries.”

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