Central Asia Water Woes

Via New Eurasia, an interesting report (translated via Google Translator) that Uzbekistan and Tajikistan are having serious diagreements over water with Kazakhstan.  As the article notes:

“…according to agreements, Kazakhstan buys Kyrgyz electricity, and Kyrgyzstan … increases the amount of water in 150 cubic meters per second for Kazakhstan. Uzbekistan, for its part, undertakes to skip this volume of water for Kazakhstan. But the agreement are not met.

“…According to him, July 16, they first deputy akim YUKO Islam Abishevym left for talks in Uzbekistan and Tajikistan to determine the causes of lack of water.  “Unfortunately, negotiations have not yielded results.  Of the 150 cubic meters per second, providing us 80 cubic metres remains in the Ferghana Valley, this does not reach the water reservoir capacity, and 70 cubic meters remains in Kayrakkumskom Reservoir. According to the contract for discharge from there to increase by 75 cubes, but increased by only 5 cubic meters per second, “

“We reported this situation, the Prime Minister and agreed that should take harsh measures. Kazakhstan should not vyprashivat water which put him. We gave our partners in Uzbekistan and Tajikistan deadline until Monday. If by then the water does not go to the channel Dostyk, then Kazakhstan will stop buying electricity from Kyrgyzstan…”

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