Tajikistan’s Pledge on Central Asian Water

Via Chance of Rain, an interesting sound bite from Tajikistan’s President when discussing Central Asian water issues:

“The peoples of regional countries should be sure that Tajikistan will never let Central Asia suffer from shortage of water … Tajikistan proposes building water pipes from Lake Sarez … The lake’s reserve of water, which is the purest and most unpolluted water, are … capable of providing the entire population of Central Asia …”  – Emomali Rahmon, President of Tajikistan, keynote address at the “Water for Life” conference, Tajik Television 1st Channel, June 8, 2010, via BBC Monitoring

Lake Sarez (top), in the Pamir mountains of Tajikistan, was created 90 years ago when an earthquake triggered a landslide that created a natural dam. Scientists fear that part of the right bank of the dam may slump into the lake, leading to flooding as far as the Aral Sea.

Monitoring and early warning station for Lake Sarez. Source: The lake is 61 km long and as deep as 500 m, and holds an estimated 17 cubic km of water. Click on the image for more photos from

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