Saudi Arabia Building Longest River On Earth

Via KAS Explains, a video look at a new Saudi Arabian desalination project:

Saudi Arabia launched plans for 12,000 km long water project longer than the Nile river. The ‘river’ will be one of the world’s largest desalinated water networks, producing 9.4 million cubic meters of water per day. Their plan involves digging a river that would span 12,000 kilometers in length, 11 meters in width, and four meters in depth all with the aim of surpassing the length of the Nile River.

This ambitious feat will require the use of #anticorrosion #pipes, each with a diameter of 2.25 meters.

Al Shugairi said – “The amount of effort spent to create underground rivers provides us with water in our homes, even though we are in an area that is mostly desert. It is a blessing I was born with, and from getting used to it I forgot it and took it for granted. Thank you to everyone who had a hand that we wake up and find water at home,”.

He added: “After a few years, the length of the #waterpipes will transport this fresh #water from one place to another,” indicating that this project be twice the size of the Nile, which is over 6,000 kilometers long.

Al Shugairi stated that this upcoming desalinated water transport network will be among the biggest in the world.

The pipes running beneath #saudi cities will extend for 126,000 kilometers, which is long enough to wrap around the world three times. The network will produce a massive quantity of water, with 9.4 million cubic meters being generated each day.

“We are talking about the longest, twice the longest river in the world. They are all underground pipes that bring us fresh, good water,” added Al Shugairi.

This amount, according to Al Shugairi, if distributed to the world’s population, every person would get two gallons (two bottles) of water

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