Nuclear Weapons and Water Tensions in South Asia

Via WaterWired, a rather pessimistic view on how water issues may lead to increased tension between India and Pakistan in the years ahead:

“…Transcending the ethnic and political tensions that have existed between these nuclear power country’s since the establishment of  Pakistan is water. Water disputes instead of  religion and border conflict could trigger a war between India and Pakistan.

Rivers flow between India and Pakistan and competitive upstream – downstream issues have evolved over water for irrigation, drinking and energy production in the region and it has generated significant tensions. Furthermore, the tragic flood disaster in Pakistan which has shattered the lives of millions could be a prelude to future calamities. Extreme weather events caused by climate change, which includes more intensive and extended monsoon seasons, melting Himalayan glaciers, droughts, water scarcity and food shortages in conjunction with significant population growth and  poverty will exacerbate the drastic conditions and further threaten international security…”

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