Iranian Red Crescent Society Launches Water Donation Campaign

Via The Tehran Times, an article on an Iranian water donation campaign aiming to ease drought in four (4) provinces:

The Iranian Red Crescent Society (IRCS) will launch a campaign for the second time to solicit public donations to ease water stress in four provinces of the country.

Called Nazr-e Ab (literally meaning water donation), the campaign will start on August 1 and will run until September 11 in four provinces of Sistan-Baluchestan, South Khorasan, Kerman and Hormozgan aiming at soliciting water donations for the regions suffering severe water scarcity and people can participate with donating bottled water, water tanks or cash, nationwide.

It was first held last year (starting on August 5, 2018) in the southeastern province of Sistan-Baluchestan which went into trouble after Hamoun wetland drained and the rainless sky left many in dire need of drinking water.

The campaign has two main aspects; the first one centers on water supply issues including desalination of water, rehabilitation of qanats, improving wells and water quality, filtering and sanitation of reservoirs. And the second aspect focuses on health issues including health care services, free diagnosis, and etc., Mohammad Nasiri, head of the Red Crescent Society volunteer organization explained.

Last year, 800 billion rials (about $19 million) has been allocated in this regard by the benefactors, he added, IRNA reported on Saturday.

This year, also some water tanks will be installed in villages struggling with water shortages so that villagers can access clean drinking water day and night, in addition to distributing food packages and bottled water, he also said.

Although, the country has received above normal rainfall this year, some provinces still suffering water scarcity, he noted.

Based on the latest data published by National Drought Warning and Monitoring Center affiliated to Iran’s Meteorological Organization, since the current crop year (September 23, 2018), Iran has received 313.8 millimeters rainfall while the long-term averages are 225.7 millimeters which indicates that the country met above normal averages. However, last year during the same period, 160 millimeters of precipitation reported nationwide.

Precipitation in Sistan-Baluchestan province increased to 127.5 millimeters from 29.9 millimeters in the previous water year, demonstrating a 325.5 percent rise. The amount also raised in comparison to the long-term average of 112.5 mm, amounting to 13.3 percent.

Khuzestan province also experienced increased rainfall during this crop year, receiving 523.3 millimeters of rain while it reported to rain 204.1 millimeters in the previous water year, showing a 156.4 percent rise, while it also increased in comparison to the long-term mean of 319.3 mm.

But long-standing 20-year-old drought in the region is forcing many to have to provide their water from tank trucks delivering water to the areas.

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