Iranian Minister of Energy Calls On Afghanistan To Release Helmand River

Via the Iran Project, a report that Iran’s Minister of Energy has called up on the Taliban to release Helmand River water to Iran:

Referring to the promise of Afghan officials on releasing the Helmand River water, the Iranian Minister of Energy said that nothing has happened in this regard So far, calling the Afghan side to fulfill its commitment sooner.

Referring to negotiations held during the visit of the related Taliban Minister to Iran and the meeting of water commissioners held in Afghanistan, Iranian Energy Minister Ali Akbar Mehrabian stated that several talks have been held with Afghan parties during the last 3 months.

“We have received three phone calls from Afghan officials and the relevant minister on Iran’s water rights from Helmand”, Mehrabian added.

The Afghan parties stated that they recognize Iran’s rights and that water will be released, according to him.

Noting that nothing special has happened in releasing the Helmand water So far, The Iranian Minister added that Iran has warned the Afghan side to do so sooner.

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