French Government Unveils List of First 12 Industrial Sites in Water Reduction Plan

Courtesy of Rane’s Stratfor WorldView, a report on France’s first steps in its national water reduction strategy:

What Happened: The French government unveiled the first 12 industrial sites involved in its plan to reduce water consumption in the country in an Aug. 21 press release. On the same day, the government declared a state of emergency for four southern regions due to hot weather.

Why It Matters: The 12 industrial sites, the first of 50 that Paris will announce by September, stretch across a wide range of sectors and will receive government support to reduce their overall water consumption amid an ever-worsening water situation in the country. Nuclear power plants, another major consumer of water in France, are also set to receive government support to invest in more water-efficient cooling systems. However, the agricultural sector, the single largest water consumer in the country, has so far been spared from restrictions. These water conservation efforts reflect broader trends across central and southern Europe as heatwaves and droughts become more frequent.

Background: The announcement is the first step in the implementation of France’s “water plan” that President Emmanuel Macron unveiled in March, which aims to reduce the country’s overall water consumption by 10% by 2030. The industrial sector accounts for more than 8% of France’s total water usage.

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