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Is Ulaanbataar Running Out of Water?

Via The Diplomat, a look at Mongolia’s water scarcity problems which are expected to emerge in 2015, and intensify from 2020 onwards: Once known for its abundant and immaculate waters, the Tuul River flowing through Mongolia‚Äôs capital Ulaanbataar is rapidly shrinking. The Tuul has historically swung from high-flow cycles to low-flow cycles, but it had […]

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Mongolia’s Water Scarcity Could Threaten Its Economic Boom

Courtesy of The Guardian, a report on how one resource-rich country is riding high economically but a battle is brewing for water between people, mining and agriculture: The Gobi desert. The Mongolian mining boom may promise great things for economy but chronic water stress is a cause for concern. The sight of foreign faces in […]

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