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U.S. Water Security Initiative: Central Asia is a Contender for Partnership

Via Caspian Policy Center, an article on Central Asia’s potential as a partner in the U.S.’s new water security initiative: On June 1, U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris emphasized water security as an essential foreign policy priority. Harris mentioned that improving water security would enhance public health results and bolster local economic output, which in turn […]

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How Much Progress Has Been Made On Kyrgyz-Uzbek Water Cooperation?

Via the Third Pole, a look at signs that improving relations between Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan could lead to better management of water: Since the collapse of the USSR in 1991, tensions over water have repeatedly sparked conflict in Central Asia. But experts have told The Third Pole they are hopeful that improved relations between Uzbekistan and […]

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Drought and Crumbling Infrastructure: Threats to Kyrgyzstan’s Agricultural Sector

Via The Diplomat, a report on how the agricultural sector’s struggles with water scarcity presage wider troubles in Kyrgyzstan if infrastructure and policies cannot be fixed: According to a World Food Program forecast, the summer of 2021 was predicted to be much drier, hotter, and with little rainfall for the entire Central Asian region than previous […]

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Central Asia’s Collapsing Water Tower

Via Cryopolitics, an article on Central Asia’s glaciers: Today’s ‘Fieldwork Friday’ photos come from Kyrgyzstan, where I ventured in 2018 during a trip along the ancient Silk Roads crisscrossing Central Asia. Over the course of a three-day trek, with my Kyrgyz guide (who spent his winters working in a reindeer meat processing plant in Yakutia, […]

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The Soviet Water Legacy in Central Asia

Via The Diplomat, a look at the complex Soviet legacy in Central Asia’s water and energy infrastructure: The Soviet water and energy legacy has been a painful issue for the countries of Central Asia for a long time. But the dynamics of relations between the countries of the region in the last five years demonstrate […]

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Kyrgyz Farmers Battered By Drought

Via Eurasia, a report on Kyrgyz farmers suffering from the nation’s drought: It was 35 degrees Celsius outside. A hazy mirage shimmered over the hot summer soil in Petrovka, a village in the northern Kyrgyzstan region of Chui.  A sharp bout of torrential rain had soaked the fields a day before a recent Eurasianet visit, but […]

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