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Simmering Global Water Tension As Hot, Dry Summer Looms

Courtesy of Circle of Blue, some hotspots for water tension as a hot, dry summer looms: Sun-baked fields and dusty reservoirs dot the landscape of southern Spain. Travel east in the Mediterranean and Tunisia is cutting urban water service at night to conserve supplies amid a harsh, multi-year drought. In the Horn of Africa, meanwhile, […]

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Winter Drought Grips Southern Europe

Via The Economist, a report on the winter drought gripping southern Europe: The small town of Vallon-Pont-d’Arc in southern France sits on the winding Ardèche river, just before it enters a deep limestone gorge. Fringed by red-tiled two-storey new-build homes, it has a gently growing population, which is boosted in the summer months by an […]

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French Villages Run Dry As Water Warnings Rise

Via Terra Daily, a report on France’s growing drought: Another four French villages lost their fresh water supply on Friday, local authorities told AFP, as a winter drought causes disruption and serious concerns about shortages this summer.Around 3,000 people are affected in the villages of Bouleternere, Corbere, Corbere-les-Cabanes and Saint-Michel-de-Llotes in the foothills of the […]

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Europe Faces Growing Water Crisis As Winter Drought Worsens

Via The Guardian, a report on how multiple European governments are warning of critical water shortages as heatwaves and lack of rain leave river systems depleted: The scenes are rare enough in mid-summer; in early March, they are unprecedented. Lac de Montbel in south-west France is more than 80% empty, the boats of the local sailing club […]

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French Police Guard Water As Seasonal Drought Intensifies

Courtesy of the New York Times, a report on how police are guarding new reservoirs designed to supply French farms with water in increasingly arid growing seasons: Wearing bulletproof vests and carrying guns, the gendarmes appear suddenly in the middle of farm fields misted by morning rain. They stand behind two fences equipped with security […]

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French Government Slams ‘Eco-Terrorism’ As Water Protesters Dig In

Via Terra Daily, an article on the ongoing demonstrations in France over water: French protesters on Monday defied a massive police presence to try to stop an agriculture water storage project, as the government vowed to prevent any encampment while denouncing vandalism and “eco-terrorism”. Clashes with security forces marked the launch of the protest Saturday […]

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