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California: Thirsty Almonds Cause Wells Of The People That Harvest Them To Run Dry

Via Forbes, a report on how broiling heat in the middle of the worst drought in 1,200 years has strained California’s underground water supply, pitting the Central Valley’s $20 billion agriculture industry against many of its own workers: Nature has a way of telling people when their wells are running dry. In California’s Central Valley, […]

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Where The Colorado River Crisis Is Hitting Home

Via NPR, a look at where the Colorado River crisis is hitting home: These days it can feel almost cliche to throw around the word Dystopian. But it’s hard not to use it while standing on the narrow road crossing the Hoover Dam as tourists gawk at the hulking structure’s exposed columns that for decades […]

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Sinaloa Cartel Is Controlling Water in Drought-Stricken Mexico

Via Vice, an article on how Mexican cartels – as water becomes more scarce and more valuable – have decided to focus on the control and distribution of water: Deep inside a canyon in the mountains of Chihuahua, Mexico—a place that’s accessible only by mule or on foot—locals haven’t seen this river full for over […]

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Colorado River Drying up — But Basin States Have ‘No Plan’ On How To Cut Water Use

Via Colorado Public Radio, commentary on the Colorado River crisis: One month after states missed a federal deadline to propose ways to drastically cut their use of water supplied by the Colorado River, water managers who met for a seminar in Grand Junction said they still didn’t have comprehensive solutions ready to help bolster the imperiled river […]

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Is 2022 The Driest Year Recorded?

Via BBC, a look at the world’s drought: Europe and parts of China have experienced extreme temperatures this summer, dry conditions in Africa have put millions at risk of starvation, and the American West continues to see a persistent lack of rainfall. Scientists say warmer and drier seasons are likely to become the norm, but […]

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From Asia to Africa: Tentacles of Oil Palm Plantations are Squeezing Communities Dry

Via the World Rainforest Movement, an article on how oil palm plantations are squeezing communities dry: There are no other commodity crops that have grown faster globally in the last decade than palm oil. Vegetable oil production increased 118 per cent in the last ten years alone, the majority of it is driven by the […]

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