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Arizona?s Dry Future Begins as Colorado River Shrinks

Via the Wall Street Journal, an article on the impact that Arizona’s farms and cities will feel from the decline of one of the most important sources of water in America’s Southwest: Arizona is the first state to experience deep cutbacks caused by a drought-fueled decline in the Colorado River, one of the most important […]

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How Climate Change Sparked A Multi-State Battle Over The Colorado River

Via New York Magazine, a report on how climate change has sparked a multi-state battle over the Colorado River: The?Colorado River?s 1,450-mile run begins amid the snowy pinnacles of the Rocky Mountains and ends in the subtropical waters of the Gulf of California. Over the millions of years the river has been running this course, […]

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Iran Urges Afghanistan To Immediately Resolve Water Rights Issues

Courtesy of The Iran Project, an article on Iran’s request that Afghanistan immediately resolve water rights issues between the two nations: Iranian Vice President Mohammad Mokhber has called on Afghanistan to immediately resolve issues surrounding Iran?s water rights from the Helmand River. In decrees addressed on Wednesday to the Iranian Foreign Ministry and a government […]

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American’s Most Endangered Rivers

A look at American Rivers’ recent report on US rivers at risk: Taking the unflattering title of America?s Most Endangered River 2022 is the once-mighty Colorado, according to a conservation group that issues a yearly assessment of riparian health across the country. Plagued by drought, pollution, and over drawing water, the massive waterway supports some […]

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Expanding Drought Leaves Western U.S. Scrambling For Water

Via The Columbian, an article on how the expanding drought is leaving the western U.S. scrambling for water: Tumbleweeds drift along the Rio Grande as sand bars within its banks widen. Smoke from distant wildfires and dust kicked up by intense spring winds fill the valley, exacerbating the feeling of distress that is beginning to […]

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Texas Drought

Via, a report on the water shortage in Texas: Extreme weather events related to climate change are forcing governments around the world to adapt their infrastructure systems accordingly to new pressures. For the US state of Texas, its record-low temperatures in February 2021 revealed the fragility of its water plants, creating a snowball effect […]

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