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Military Clashes in Central Asia Over Water Likely to Grow

Via Window on Eurasia, an article on water stress in Central Asia: The military conflict between Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan was in the first instance about the lack of agreement between the two countries over control of water flows. That conflict cost 55 dead and about 300 wounded and forced tens of thousands of people to […]

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Over 1B People Affected If Himalayan Glaciers Continue To Melt

Via India Today, a report on how continuous melting of Himalayan glacier may threaten rivers from the Indus to Brahmaputra: Water volume and flow in rivers like Indus, Ganga and Brahmaputra are set to increase excessively as snow and glaciers continue to melt due to climate change. The change in water volume and flow could […]

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The American West Is Drying Out: Things Will Get Ugly

Via CNN, commentary on drought in the US West: The incredible pictures of a depleted Lake Mead, on the Nevada-Arizona border, illustrate the effects of drought brought on by climate change. Later this year, the US government will almost certainly declare the first-ever water shortage along the Colorado River. Maps show more than a quarter of the US […]

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Iranian Drought Begets Farmer Protests, Power Outages, and Widespread Water Rationing

Via Circle of Blue, a report on Iran’s drought: Lack of water is one of Iran’s biggest environmental and social risks. On the outskirts of Tehran, and in the country’s rural expanses, the signs of such stress are abundantly visible: brittle plains, cracked ground, sinkholes, sandy plateaus.  A decades-long drought in one of the warming […]

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Uzbekistan and Tajikistan Talk Dams, Not Rogun

Via The Diplomat, an article on Tashkent’s strategy to delicately remove itself from discussing Dushanbe’s Rogun dam, instead offering alternatives: Uzbek President Shavkat Mirziyoyev paid an official visit to Dushanbe on June 10-11. It was Mirziyoyev’s second visit to the Tajik capital since his presidency began in 2016. In 2018, Mirziyoyev made a state visit to […]

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Historic Drought Threatens Brazil’s Economy

Via, a report on Brazil’s drought: The worst drought in nearly a century to hit two key regions in Brazil is wreaking havoc on hydroelectric dams and crops—and threatening the nascent pandemic recovery of Latin America’s biggest economy. Months of sparse rain have shrunk rivers, left their banks cracked and parched, and reduced normally […]

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