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Water Scarcity: Potential To Both Ignite Conflict and Foster Cooperation

Courtesy of Geographical, commentary on water scarcity’s potential to both ignite conflict and foster cooperation: Global demand for water is set to increase with economic and population growth. Yet, under predicted climate scenarios, freshwater availability will become increasingly unpredictable, even diminishing in some regions. To resolve water scarcities, states that share supplies could foster greater […]

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Drought In Mexico Reaches Critical Levels As Lakes Dry Up

Via Al Jazeera, an article on Mexico’s drought: Drought conditions now cover 85 percent of Mexico, and residents of the nation’s central region said Thursday that lakes and reservoirs are simply drying up, including the country’s second-largest body of freshwater. The mayor of Mexico City said the drought was the worst in 30 years, and […]

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The Parched Tiger: An Ignored Water Crisis Is Central To Farmer Protest In India

Via The Washington Post, an article on how an ignored water crisis is at the center of the farmer protest in India: It was more than six months ago that Indian farmers started protesting against three new laws pushed in unilaterally by the government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The laws aim to change the way agricultural […]

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Egyptian Foreign Minister on African Tour as Nile Dam Issues Loom

Via Al Monitor, a report on the Egyptian foreign minister’s African tour as Nile dam issue loom: Egypt’s top diplomat is currently on a tour of African states. One reason for the blitz is to build support for Cairo’s position regarding the dispute over Ethiopia’s mega dam on the Nile River. Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry […]

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Interstate Water Wars: Heating Up Along With The Climate

Via The Conversation, a look at how U.S. interstate water wars are heating up along with the climate: Interstate water disputes are as American as apple pie. States often think a neighboring state is using more than its fair share from a river, lake or aquifer that crosses borders. Currently the U.S. Supreme Court has on […]

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Russia Under Pressure as Thousands in Crimea Ration Water

Via Circle of Blue, a report on increasing water pressure on Russia as it pertains to Crimea: Moscow is under increased pressure as thousands in Crimea have been rationing water for months due to a Ukrainian water blockade.  In the Russian-annexed territory of Crimea, most citizens are only allowed water for three hours in the […]

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