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Egypt To Build Dams In South Sudan, Uganda

Via the Middle East Monitor, an article on Egypt’s plans to build dams in South Sudan and Uganda: Egypt will begin construction of a number of water projects in South Sudan and Uganda, the Egyptian Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation Mohamed Abdel-Ati announced yesterday. “Egypt has started the construction of six underground drinking water stations in […]

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Water Scarcity In Pakistan – A Bigger Threat Than Terrorism

Via Deutsche Welle, an article on a UNDP report says that Pakistani authorities are negligent about an impending water crisis that is posing a serious threat to the country’s stability: The major threat that Pakistan faces today is not Islamist terrorism but water scarcity. While the former makes headlines all over the world, the latter is […]

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Chilean Drought Causing Water Crisis

Via Terra Daily, a report on Chile’s drought: With historically low river flows and reservoirs running dry due to drought, people in central Chile have found themselves particularly vulnerable to the coronavirus pandemic. Years of resource exploitation and lax legislation have allowed most reservoirs in that part of the country to run dry. “There are […]

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Google Search: Water

Via Bloomberg, an interesting report on how Google – to meet surging demand for online information – taps public water supplies that are already straining from overuse: In August 2019, the Arizona Municipal Water Users Association built a 16-foot pyramid of jugs in its main entrance in Phoenix. The goal was to show residents of this desert region […]

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Day Zero For Colorado River?

Via Sustainable Waters, rather sobering commentary and analysis of the grave future facing the Colorado River and its two main lake reservoirs: America’s two largest reservoirs — Lake Mead and Lake Powell on the Colorado River — could both run of out water in just five years. I really wish this was an April Fool’s […]

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