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In Kyrgyzstan, Warming Brings Less Water and More Conflict

Via Reuters, a report on rising water tension in Central Asia: In the Kyrgyz village of Kok Tal, it is the jarring sound of Bahadyr Mamatgapirov’s mobile phone that breaks the serenity of dawn. “Get here soon if you need water for your farm,” he abruptly tells one caller. Within moments it rings again. “Wake […]

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The Parched Tiger: As India’s Groundwater Runs Short, Water Battles Grow

Via Eco Business, a report on how India is suffering “the worst water crisis in its history” – and in Chennai water deliveries are in the balance When the thousands of water lorry drivers who shore up parched Chennai’s overtaxed water delivery system went on strike for three days last month, to protest a ruling restricting […]

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The Thirsty Dragon: China To Move Water Vapor From Humid West To Arid North

Via The Asia Times, an interesting report on a rather futuristic SkyRiver concept to help slay China’s growing thirst: China is on the verge of wrapping up its gigantic South-North Water Transfer project. The decades-long, multibillion-yuan undertaking seeks to channel fresh water from the Yangtze River to quench the thirst of Beijing and its neighboring provinces […]

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Where Will The ‘Water Wars’ Of The Future Be Fought?

Via the World Economic Forum, an article on where the ‘water wars’ of the future may be fought? A new paper paints a disturbing picture of a nearby future where people are fighting over access to water. These post-apocalyptic-sounding “water wars” could rise as a result of climate change and population growth and could become […]

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Drought, Conflict and Regional Unrest Producing Dire Consequences for Afghan Food Security

Via Future Directions International, an article on the impact of drought on Afghanistan’s food and physical security: Along with worsening conflict and a precarious economic outlook, one of the worst droughts in decades is compounding food insecurity in Afghanistan, especially in the north and west of the country. A La Niña event has caused a […]

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Jordan-Israel Tensions Could be Source of Conflict or Co-operation over Water Resources

Via Future Directions International, a report on water related tensions and opportunities between Jordan and Israel: Israel has met with surprise and concern the announcement that Jordan will not renewthe lease over two areas of land currently administered by Israel. The response from the Israeli Agriculture Minister, Uri Ariel, was especially strong, he threatened that Israel could […]

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