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Shallow Waters

Via Quartz, an interesting look at how – in a warming world – the fight for water can push nations apart—or bring them together: Indus River Basin Lake Victoria The Nile River Basin Salween River Al Sag Aquifer Genevese Aquifer Nubian Aquifer North-west Sahara Aquifer The Rio Grande Valley of Texas is one of the fastest-growing places […]

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Pakistan Facing Crisis As Water Shortage Worsens

Via the Asia Times, a report on the acute water shortage that has crippled Pakistan’s hydropower generation and affected agriculture amid predictions that Pakistan may run dry by 2025: One of the biggest issues facing Pakistan’s newly-elected government, headed by Imran Khan, is how to manage a massive water crisis that has been looming over […]

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What Happens When Nunavut’s Rapidly Growing Capital City Runs Out Of Water?

Via Maclean’s, an article on a growing water crisis in Canada’s far North: Steel pipes have been driven and the foundation poured for the biggest capital project Iqaluit has ever seen, yet uncertainty hangs in the air about whether construction of the $50-million hotel and conference centre will be halted due to a water shortage. […]

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Utah’s Big Water Grab

Via Outside Magazine, an interesting look at how the retiree oasis of St. George, Utah will explode with growth, turning red rock to bluegrass and slaking its thirst with a new billion-dollar pipeline from the Colorado River: Let us now praise southern Utah! I moved here the high-water spring of 1993, everything I owned in the […]

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Kurdistan and Iraq Working Together To Solve The Region’s Water Crisis

Via SOFREP, an article on efforts by Kurdistan and Iraq to work together to address the region’s water crisis: The water crisis in the country has pushed the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and Iraqi central government to unite on the issue. Both entities are cooperating in an effort to find a scientific solution to the […]

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Afghanistan Hit By Worst Drought In Decades

Via Terra Daily, a report on Afghanistan’s severe drought: After his wheat crop failed and wells dried up, Ghulam Abbas sold his animals and joined thousands of other farmers migrating to cities as Afghanistan’s worst drought in living memory ravages the war-torn country. A huge shortfall in snow and rain across much of the country […]

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