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Cape Town: Down to Its Last Drops

Via Future Directions International, a report on South Africa’s dire water crisis: The South African province of Western Cape is at serious risk of running out of water. Cape Town has experienced two years of its lowest-ever recorded rainfall and high summer temperatures. In early April, it was declared that the 26.2 per cent of […]

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A Global Water Grab

Courtesy of Al Jazeera, a detailed look at issues related to the theft of water resources in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia: Historically the source of many conflicts, water grabbing is the control and theft of water resources by the powerful, often at the expense of local populations and ecosystems. It can result in […]

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NATO Lawmakers Warn Global Warming Will Trigger “Dire” Water and Food Shortages

Via Bloomberg, an article on a recent NATO report warning of climate change’s impact on food and water in the Middle East and Africa: Lawmakers from nations in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization are warning that global warming will lead to mass migration and conflict in the Middle East and Africa, another reason President Donald Trump […]

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The Thirsty Dragon: Planned China-Pakistan Indus Cascade A Himalayan Blunder

Via Third, an interesting report on a China-Pakistan plan to build five dams in a row on the Indus which will stop the flow of silt to rejuvenate farms downstream, and will reduce water flow in the nine dry months of the year: The Indus at the site of the proposed Diamer-Basha dam The […]

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South Africa: How The Rainbow Nation Dried Up

Courtesy of The Source, an interesting look at South Africa’s efforts to regain its adaptive capacity after suffering its biggest ever drought: South Africa holds a unique place in the international water sector. It’s a developing country, yet renowned for progressive water laws and advanced water policies. It offers an exemplary case study. Yet certain […]

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The Thirsty Dragon: Water Challenges Facing The Pearl River Delta

Courtesy China Water Risk, an interesting look at 5 water challenges lurking behind the dazzling economic success & water sources of the China’s Pearl River Delta region: The Pearl River Delta (PRD) is one of the most developed regions in China. In 2016, this small delta region in the South generated RMB6.8 trillion, or 9.1% […]

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