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The Thirsty Dragon and Parched Tiger: Strategic Implications of China’s Dam Building Spree In Tibet

Via India’s Institute for Defense Studies, interesting commentary on the strategic implications for India of China’s dam building activities in Tibet: Recent reports have pointed to China blocking the Xiabuqu tributary of the Yarlung Zangpo River (Tibetan name for Brahmaputra) for a dam project. The 195-km long Xiabuqu originates at Bainang and joins the Brahmaputra […]

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Afghanistan’s Impending Water Crisis

Via Third, an interesting report on Afghanistan where decades of conflict have left Afghanistan’s water infrastructure in a mess, and an increasing number of refugees returning are pushing the country towards the prospect of water-related conflicts: Kabul city before the decades of conflict on the left, and now, on the right Hundreds of thousands […]

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The Parched Tiger: India and Pakistan’s Struggle Over Water

Courtesy of Circle of Blue, an interesting interview / commentary on the tensions heating up between India and Pakistan over key water sources in Kashmir, with India threatening to revoke the nearly 60-year-old Indus Water Treaty: Cody Pope for Circle of Blue: Good morning, and welcome to our first installment of Circle of Blue’s Hotspots […]

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The Parched Tiger: Modi Lays Groundwork For Water War In Battle With Rival Pakistan

Via Bloomberg, a look at recent water tensions between India and Pakistan: Himalayan rivers have become the new flash point in the bitter India-Pakistan conflict, providing the latest diplomatic weapon in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s push to isolate Islamabad. With India still reeling from an attack in Kashmir that killed 19 soldiers, New Delhi is looking to […]

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The Parched Tiger: The Danger Looming Over the Indus River Basin

Courtesy of STRATFOR (subscription required), a graphical look at the Indus Water Treaty: Since 1960, India and Pakistan have abided by the Indus Waters Treaty, an agreement developed by the United Nations to govern the use of water along the Indus River and its main tributaries. But in the wake of an attack on a military base in the Indian-administered […]

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In Parched Sri Lanka, Biggest Shortage Is Of Water Policy

Via Thomas Reuters Foundation, a look at Sri Lanka where – as the country cycles between floods and droughts – better water management is needed: In this village in southern Sri Lanka’s Hambantota District, water sales are big business. Beset by a prolonged dry spell and day-time temperatures reaching above 36 degrees Celsius (97 degrees […]

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