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Water Insecurity In Turkey

Via Future Directions International, a look at Turkey’s future water challenges: Key Points Turkey is unlikely to experience widespread food or water insecurity in the years leading to 2030. Some urban areas could become water scarce by 2030 if demand for water is left unchecked and efficiency measures are not introduced. Increasing access to irrigation […]

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ISciences Worldwide Water Watchlist

Via iSciences, an updated map of regions likely to encounter significant water anomalies during the one year period beginning in April 2016 and running through March 2017 using 3 months of observed temperature and precipitation data and 9 months of forecast data: United States and Canada: The outlook for the United States indicates widespread exceptional water deficits throughout the Northeast from […]

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The Parched Tiger: Despite Suffering Its Worst Drought in Decades, India Is Water Exporter

Via Bloomberg, a report on India’s practice of shipping out large amounts of water embedded within grains despite its depleting water supply: Jaiveer Arya wipes sweat from his brow as he squats in the shade and watches workers weigh his wheat crop at a grain market in India’s northern Haryana state. He’s hoping for a good price […]

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Beijing Is Sinking: Global Impact Of Groundwater Pumping

Courtesy of National Geographic, a report on how underground water is being pumped so aggressively around the globe that land is sinking, civil wars are being waged, and agriculture is being transformed: Beijing is sinking. In some neighborhoods, the ground is giving way at a rate of four inches a year as water in the […]

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Watching Weak Nation States Wilt Away

Via Bloomberg, commentary on how environmental stress can tip weak nations into catastrophe: Venezuela was unraveling even before Hugo Chávez died in 2013. The situation has only gotten worse since. Despite having the world’s largest oil reserves, inflation has soared to 500 percent, the murder rate is the highest in the world, and chronic shortages of […]

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Pakistan’s Biggest Dam Stymied By Land Dispute

Via Third, a detailed look at how a small area at the center of the dispute between two tribes and two provinces is critically delaying the Diamer Bhasha dam and the China-Pakistan economic corridor: The site of the Diamer Dam site on the Indus River The construction of the Diamer Bhasha dam being built on the […]

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