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Why Managing The Politics Of Water Matters

Via the Japan Times, commentary on managing the politics of water: This year’s World Water Day, on March 22, provides an opportunity to highlight what in many countries has become a grim reality: The availability of fresh water is increasingly a defining strategic factor in regional and global affairs. Unless water resources are managed with […]

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The Parched Tiger: Indian City Bans Gatherings Over Water Riot Fears

Via Terra Daily, a report on an Indian city’s decision to ban gatherings over water riot fears: Authorities in western India have banned groups of people from gathering near water sources in a drought-ridden city following violent skirmishes between increasingly desperate residents, officials said on Monday. Dnyaneshwar Chavan, the police chief of Latur, in Maharashtra state, […]

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The Parched Tiger: Government Underlines India’s Water Crisis

Via The Third Pole, a detailed look at the deleterious impact that Indian subsidies for water and power are having: Scarcities due to climate change impacts will necessitate a focus on “more for less”, and this makes it imperative to redress the current system of incentives and subsidies, says the latest edition of India’s annual economic survey. […]

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The Thirsty Dragon: China’s Watergy Challenge To Quench The Thirst of China’s Dry North

Via the Wilson Center’s China Environment series, an extensive report on what some have long considered the “black box” of China’s energy-water nexus challenge, namely the energy footprint of cleaning, treating, and transporting water to quench the thirst of cities in China’s dry north: China’s dramatic urbanization over the past four decades has fundamentally reshaped […]

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The Thirsty Dragon: China’s Dam Boom Stokes Concerns In Asia

Via Nikkei Asian Review, some interesting commentary on the concerns arising in Asia that China is seeking to turn water into a potential political weapon: China’s centralized, megaprojects-driven approach to water resources is the antithesis of the situation in another demographic titan, India, where the constitution makes water an issue for state governments and where […]

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The Thirsty Dragon: Water, The 13 FYP, and Beautiful China 2020

Via China Water Risk, a summary of water’s role in the 13 FYP and Beautiful China 2020 initiative: Highlights -Target reduction in water use per unit of GDP by 23% by 2020; also reduction in COD & NH discharge by 10% each -Expect more eco-red lines + tech & policy innovations. Insurance, green bonds & […]

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