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The Case For Canada Selling Its Water

Via Corporate Knights, commentary on the potential for Canada to sell its water:  If you want to see water start a fire, suggest to a Canadian that their country should consider selling any of its very large water reserves – a fifth of all the Earth’s standing surface freshwater, and seven per cent of the […]

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World Economic Forum Ranks Water Crises As Top Long-term Risk

Courtesy of Circle of Blue, commentary on the World Economic Forum’s recent report that shows that water is connected to the world’s most severe problems: An annual survey of the world’s business, political, and scholarly elite reinforces a message that leaders are beginning to understand with greater depth and clarity: pay attention to water. The […]

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Boiling Over: Water And Security Hot Spots 2016

Courtesy of Circle of Blue, an interesting look at 10 places where water issues could undermine civic stability:   After five years of civil war, the humanitarian crisis in Syria has reached massive proportions: More than 4.6 million people have fled the country as refugees, and at least 7.6 million more are internally displaced within Syria, […]

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Ganges Dam Project Stumbles On Indian-Bangladeshi Dispute

Via, a report on tensions arising from Bangladesh’s plan to build a dam on the Ganges River: Bangladesh’s plan to build a dam on the Ganges River to ease water shortages in its southwest coastal region hangs in the balance as neighbouring India has yet to accept the plan. Bangladesh started work on the […]

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The Hydraulic Hypothesis And The End Of Civilization

Via Science, an interesting look at the idea that – if agriculture is the basis for a society, and it is carried out in a semi-arid region – then the management of water through various forms of irrigation and the centralized control of the agricultural cycle lends itself to centralized despotic leadership: OK, I admit […]

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Farmers Try Political Force To Twist Open California’s Taps

Via The New York Times, a detailed look at how farmers are using political force to obtain more water for their fields: The message that Maria L. Gutierrez gave legislators on Capitol Hill was anguished and blunt: California’s historic drought had not merely left farmland idle. It had destroyed Latino farm workers’ jobs, shuttered Latino […]

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