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The Thirsty Dragon: Water-nomics And Trade Offs

Courtesy of China Water Risk, a new report suggesting that tough trade-offs are on the horizon as China manages its water for economic development which may cause various outputs to shift within China as cotton clashes with coal to “free up” water: HSBC releases report titled “No Water, More Trade-offs”. This new report is the 3rd in the “No Water” […]

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Iran’s Urmia Lake: Desiccation, Diplomacy, And The Disaffected

Via AquaDoc, an interesting link to a report on Iran’s Urmia Lake, a very tough problem involving elements of hydrology, water resources management, water use, and ethnic tensions: Urmia Lake, or Lake Urmia if you prefer, is an iconic water body in Iran and indeed, the region and the world. It is a saline lake and because […]

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Losing Water, California Tries To Stay Atop Economic Wave

Via the New York Times, a detailed look at how California – despite the drought – is pushing ahead with plans for new housing, with advocates saying there will be enough water to meet the demand: Evert W. Palmer has a vision for this city famous for its state prison: 10,200 new homes spread across […]

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The Thirsty Dragon: Asia’s Melting Glaciers Might Lead To Future Conflicts

Via Science Times, a look at the potential that Asia’s melting glaciers might give rise to future conflicts over water: A new study revealed the fact that over the past 50 years the glaciers in Asia’s Tian Shan mountains have lost more than a quarter of their total. At this rate, they lost about four times more than […]

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The World’s Hot Spot

Courtesy of the New York Times, interesting commentary with a subject slightly broader than just water but the impact/lessons are the same: Here’s my bet about the future of Sunni, Shiite, Arab, Turkish, Kurdish and Israeli relations: If they don’t end their long-running conflicts, Mother Nature is going to destroy them all long before they […]

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Canada Dry?

Via the Vancouver Sun, commentary on Canada’s perception of water and potential issues with a thirsty United States: “Canada has probably one of the largest resources of fresh water in the world. Water is going to be — already is — a very valuable commodity and I’ve always found it odd that Canada is so […]

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