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Middle East Conflicts Jeopardize Water For Millions

Courtesy of Circle of Blue, a sobering look at how water is both a weapon and a casualty of violence in Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, and Yemen: Millions of people across the Middle East face drought, scarce drinking water supplies, and poor sanitation due to civil wars and conflict. Meanwhile, resource constraints and foreign military interventions […]

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Adaptation, Resistance, Or Subversion: How Will Water Politics Be Affected By Climate Change?

Via the Wilson Center’s New Security Beat, commentary on how climate change may impact water politics in the years ahead: One of the primary ways climate change is expected to affect international relations is through water. There are more than 270 bodies of water that cross over international boundaries, and various methodologies have identified several dozen that are particularly […]

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Rapid Groundwater Depletion Threatens Pakistan Food Security

Via Reuters, a look at Pakistan’s growing water/food crisis: Until recently, Ghulam Mustafa made a living growing sugarcane, rice, barley and wheat on his 10-acre farm in Punjab province. But these days he is struggling. The water available in wells in the area is dwindling, and the cost of pumping it to his crops is […]

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California Farmers Dig Deeper For Water, Sipping Their Neighbors Dry

Courtesy of The New York Times, an interesting report on water scarcity in California: A farm served by the San Luis Canal Company, which manages the water supply for about 45,000 acres in California. Early one morning in late April, Parvinder Hundal stood beside a hole in the ground at the edge of his almond […]

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Seven Epic Droughts Devastating the Planet

Via Eco Watch, a report on the seven epic droughts affecting the world today: Every inhabited continent, to varying degrees, faces extremely high water stress. That means that in certain areas more than 80 percent of the local water supply is withdrawn by businesses, farmers, residents and other consumers every year. Not all of that […]

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Thirsty Nicaragua

Via InterPress Service, a sobering article on water scarcity in Nicarauga: Nicaragua, the Central American country with the most abundant water sources, and where water – “agua” in Spanish – is even part of its name, is suffering one of its worst water crises in half a century, fuelled by climate change, deforestation and erosion. […]

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