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Will An Ethiopia Dam Turn Lake Turkana Into ‘Endless Battlefield’?

Via The Guardian, a report on the potential impact of Ethiopia’s Gibe III dam on Kenyans living near world’s largest desert lake, so of whom predict conflict, hunger and cultural devastation when hydroelectric project is completed: People living near Lake Turkana in northern Kenya have little understanding that the fresh water essential to their development […]

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The Thirsty Dragon: China’s Water Problems May Be Worse Than Thought

Via The Wall Street Journal, a report  on China’s dire water supply situation: Let China sleep, for when she wakes she will shake the world, Napoleon once supposedly said. He might also have warned: Let China sleep, for when she wakes she will be really, really thirsty. A new report published in the Proceedings of […]

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The Thirsty Dragon: Diverting The Indus To Xinjiang

Via Claude Arpi, some interesting commentary on a possible Chinese plan to divert the Indus river towards Xinjiang: On Christmas Day, The New York Times reported: “Within a few days, water that has traveled more than 800 miles for two weeks in one of the world’s most ambitious, and controversial, engineering projects is expected to […]

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Water Politics In The Tigris-Euphrates Basin

Courtesy of STRATFOR (subscription required), analysis of issues related to headwater management in the Tigris-Euphrates basin: Controlling the headwaters of the Tigris-Euphrates river basin gives Turkey leverage over its neighbors’ water security. Turkey has talked about utilizing its water resources since the country’s founding, but only since the mid-20th century has the government actively worked […]

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Geopolitics Of The Brahmaputra-Ganges-Meghna River Basin

Courtesy of On People, Rivers, and Migration, an interesting article on the geopolitics of the Brahmaputra-Ganges-Meghna River Basin: Figure 1: Map of Brahmaputra-Ganges-Meghna basin and countries’ hydro-strategic positions Figure 1 illustrates the regional areas covered by the Brahmaputra-Ganges-Meghna river basin. The area shaded light grey is the area covered by the Ganges river. Dark grey […]

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