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Water, Power, And Competition In Asia

In Asian Survey’s Vol. 54, No. 4 (July/August 2014), a new article by Brahma Chellaney examining how Asia is at a defining moment in its history, with water stress having emerged as one of its most serious challenges, stirring not only geopolitical tensions by intensifying competition over the resources of shared rivers and aquifers, but […]

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The Thirsty Dragon: Avoiding Hydro Wars

Courtesy of China Water Risk, a look at concerns building over China’s transboundary hydropower expansion:   Highlights -China’s hydro can power the whole of India by the end of 2015 but only 6.5% of this is from transboundary rivers -Hydro is expected to be 500GW by 2050; 30% of this will be from Mekong, Salween […]

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Islamic State Militants Threaten Turkey If Euphrates Water Supply Not Restored

Via RT, a report on the Islamist militant group ISIS’ threats to Turkey over water supplies: The Haditha Dam Islamic State militants have directly threatened Turkey with violence as they swore to “liberate” Istanbul in order to reopen a dam on the Euphrates River. Water flow to parts of Syria and Iraq is at a […]

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Three International Water Conflicts To Watch

Via Geopolitical Monitor, a look at three regions where water conflicts have the potential for boiling over: China-India: The Brahmaputra River The Brahmaputra River is a 2,900 km river that originates in Tibet and flows through India’s Arunachal Pradesh state before merging with the Ganges and draining into the Bay of Bengal in Bangladesh. It […]

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The Thirsty Dragon: Innovation In Water Rights Leads To Real Water Savings In China

Via The World Bank, a look at an innovative water rights based system being piloted in China that may help save water: China’s most arid regions are facing an increasingly serious water crisis, and local water policies often aggravate the problem. In such climates, growth in the agricultural sector has come with high environmental costs. […]

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Humanity May Face Choice By 2040: Conventional Energy Or Drinking Water

Via, a sobering commentary on the impending watergy crisis: A set of studies based on three years of research concludes that by 2040, the need for drinking water and water for use in energy production will create dire shortages. Conventional electricity generation is the largest source of water use in most countries. Water is […]

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