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‘Water War’ Threatens Syria Lifeline

Via Al Jazeera, a report on how Syria’s water supplies have dropped in key areas due to a sharp increase in production at the rebel-controlled Euphrates Dam: When severe water cuts began to hit Aleppo province in early May, residents started referring to a “water war” being waged at the expense of civilians. Images of […]

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How To Avert A Thirsty Future

Via the Globe & Mail, interesting commentary from Brahma Chellaney (a geostrategist and the author, most recently, of Water, Peace and War) on the global water crisis: There is a tongue-in-cheek saying in America – attributed to Mark Twain, who lived through the early phase of the California Water Wars – that “whisky is for […]

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The Thirsty Dragon: An Innovation In Water Rights Leads To Real Water Savings

Via the World Bank, a look at an evapotranspiration-based integrated water management system has been introduced in one region in China for the assessment, planning and allocation of water for consumptive use, supported by the world’s latest remote sensing technology on evapotranspiration measurement: China’s most arid regions are facing an increasingly serious water crisis, and […]

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Climate Change Will Test Water-Sharing Agreements

Via New Security Beat, a look at how climate change will affect existing water sharing arrangements: Many existing water-sharing treaties should be re-assessed in the context of climate change, write Shlomi Dinar, David Katz, Lucia De Stefano, and Brian Blakespoor in a World Bank working paper. While “water wars” have historically been incredibly rare, the […]

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A World Without Water: Corporate Costs

Via The Financial Times, the first of a three-party series on water scarcity, this segment looking at the cost to companies: The River Nar, a minor waterway about 100 miles north of London, is barely known to the average Briton. And at first glance, it is hard to understand why a brand-conscious company such as […]

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The Most Water-Stressed Cities In The World

Courtesy of Fast Company, an interesting article on how one out of every four cities in the world experiences “water stress,” a phenomenon that has as much to do with wealth as it does climate: In many ways, urbanization will make it easier for humanity to mitigate climate change–more people packed tightly together means fewer […]

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