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Last Straw: How The Fortunes Of Las Vegas Will Rise Or Fall With Lake Mead

Via Popular Science, a detailed look at the massive, expensive, and politically fraught project to build a new tunnel under Lake Mead to deliver water to Las Vegas: The bathtub ring can be seen for miles. The 120-foot-high band of rock, bleached nearly white by mineral-rich water, circles the shoreline of Lake Mead. Water levels […]

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The Thirsty Dragon And Parched Tiger: Climate Change Could Lead To China-India Water Conflict

Via RTCC, some commentary on how decline in water flow from Tibetan Plateau likely to exacerbate tensions in region over coming decades: Melting Himalayan glaciers and erratic rainfall could exacerbate tensions between central Asian countries later this century, warn defence analysts in a new report.They say droughts or extreme rains linked to climate change could […]

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A Water War In The Desert?

Via New Scientist, a report on the militant Islamic group – ISIS’s – control over Iraq’s two main rivers: Iraq has blazed its way back onto the world’s front pages in the past 48 hours, with the seemingly sudden capture of the cities of Mosul and Tikrit by an extremist group. The group seems to […]

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Water As A Weapon

Via Down To Earth, a sobering look at the use of water as a weapon to weaken people in Syria, other countries of West Asia and Africa: In Southern Africa, Botswana is the only country cited among countries that use water as a weapon in ongoing conflicts against indigenous people (Photo: WaterAid America) Increasing instances […]

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Water Risk And Global Security

Courtesy of China Water Risk, an interesting review of US military views on how climate change impacts national security and China’s current stance: Highlights Climate change impacts reach far beyond carbon silo; climate change called a ‘catalyst for instability & conflict’ Timetable has accelerated; Water-Food-Energy Nexus already being impacted & water scarcity exacerbated Need to […]

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Water Wars In The Middle East – $1 Trillion Is At Stake

Via The Ecologist, a report on the potential impact of water wars in the Middle East: Water is to the 21st century what oil was to the 20th … the commodity that determines the wealth and stability of nations, writes Garikai Chengdu. Welcome to a new age of hydro-imperialism that is upon us right now […]

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