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The World’s Water Scarcity Problem Is Bad And Getting Worse

Via the Business Insider, a report on the globe’s water scarcity crisis: The next time your throat is as dry as a bone and the Sun is beating down, take a glass of clean, cool water. Savor it. Sip by sip. Vital and appreciated as that water is, it will be even more precious to […]

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Egypt’s al-Sisi Ready To Visit Ethiopia For Water Talks

According to the Ethiopian Times, Egypt’s presidential frontrunner is prepared to visit Ethiopia to discuss the Nile dispute: Egypt’s presidential frontrunner has said that he is ready to visit Ethiopia for talks on resolving their Nile water dispute. “Dialogue and understanding are the best way to resolve the crisis,” al-Sisi said in an interview with […]

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The Thirsty Dragon: China’s Water Crisis

Via Metro News, some commentary on the severity of the water issues facing China: One day in late February last year, Ma Jun’s home phone started ringing and didn’t stop. The director of the Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs in Beijing had yet to have breakfast, so he ignored it. When he finally answered, […]

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The Thirsty Dragon: China’s Water-Energy Nexus Challenge

Via Future Directions International, a detailed report on China’s watergy challenge: Key Points   China faces an intractable water crisis by 2030 under a business-as-usual scenario. Crippling water pollution, disparities in supply and demand and predicted growth in both energy and water requirements, have created insurmountable challenges for China’s central government. The historic focus has […]

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The Thirsty Dragon: China’s Coal Industry Guzzles Precious Water

Via the Seattle Times, a report on China’s watergy crisis as plants turning coal into gas, chemicals and electricity are sucking up vast amounts of water in a nation already struggling with serious shortages: Steaming water, discharged from a coal-to-gas plant in Inner Mongolia, spreads out over the landscape. On a bitter cold day in […]

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Ravenous Russia = Thirsty Crimea

Via The Daily Beast, a detailed look at water related implications of Russia’s annexation of Crimea: As violence rages in Odessa and eastern Ukraine, with buildings burning, helicopters downed, urban combat and hostage taking, chaos may soon solidify into a concerted Russian military campaign. But if Moscow’s tanks and thousands of troops cross Ukraine’s eastern […]

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