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The Thirsty Dragon: Do China’s Dam Plans Hold Water for Low Carbon Development?

Via New Security Beat, a report on China’s dam building initiatives and their impact on the environment: In southwestern China, three parallel rivers – the Nu, Lancang, and Jinsha (also known as the Upper Mekong, Salween, and Yangtze, respectively) – form a series of corridors that connect the tropical rainforests of Southeast Asia to the […]

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Egypt To ‘Escalate’ Ethiopian Dam Dispute

Via the Ethiopian Times, a report on the latest salvo in the Renaissance Dam dispute: In the three years since construction began on the 1.8km Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam across the Blue Nile River, Egypt and Ethiopia have been engaged in a war of words over its potential impacts. Ethiopia believes the massive dam will […]

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The Thirsty Dragon: The Diversion Of The Brahmaputra And The ‘Madness’ Of Guo Kai

Via Claude Arpi, commentary from 2010 on the ambitious plan to divert the Brahmaputra to Northern China, a brainchild of Guo Kai, a retired Chinese General who worked closely with Li Ling, the author of Tibetan Waters will save China: Yesterday the Indian press commented on the official announcement by Beijing that the construction of the […]

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The Thirsty Dragon And Parched Tiger: After 50 Years Of Planning, Brahmaputra Diversion Again On The Cards

Courtesy of Claude Arpi’s blog, a look at China’s long held interest in the Brahmaputra’s water resources: The Great Bend of the Yarlung Tsangpo (Brahmaputra) Though the project of a mega dam on the Brahmaputra (or worse, the diversion of the river) is today ‘officially’ denied by Beijing, there is no doubt that some scientists are […]

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The Thirsty Dragon: China’s Mega Diversion Plan

Via Claude Arpi’s blog, an interesting report on  China’s planned mega diversion projects: On February 17, 2013, an article appeared on the website of the Yellow River Conservancy Commission of the  Chinese Ministry of Water Resources.  It described in detail two phaoronic projects known as the Great Western Water Diversion and the Yellow River Waterway […]

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Water Wars: The Next Clash between India and China

Via Geopolitical Monitor, additional commentary on the tension between India and China over water resources: A China watcher named Claude Arpi has drawn attention to a recently posted article on the website of the Yellow River Conservancy Commission under China’s Ministry of Water Resources. The article speaks of the necessity and feasibility of diverting the […]

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