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Water Stress To Affect 52% Of World’s Population By 2050

Via Environmental Leader, results of a new study on water stress: Some 52 percent of the world’s projected 9.7 billion people will live in water-stressed regions by 2050, MIT researchers say. The researchers used the MIT Integrated Global System Model Water Resource System (IGSM-WRS) to evaluate water resources and needs worldwide. The modeling tool also […]

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Offshore Fresh Groundwater Reserves: A Global Phenomenon or Conflict Trigger?

Via Third Pole, an interesting report on a recently discovered new sources of freshwater under the sea that could sustain thirsty megacities like Shanghai for thousands of years, but that could also trigger conflict between countries in the future: Scientists have discovered potentially vast undersea reserves of groundwater, close to many coastlines around the world, […]

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Disagreement Persists on Ethiopia’s Planned Dam

Courtesy of STRATFOR (subscription required), a detailed look at the latest disagreement over Ethiopia’s planned Nile dam: The latest round of negotiations among Sudan, Ethiopia and Egypt over Ethiopia’s planned Grand Renaissance Dam ended on Jan. 5 without the three sides reaching an agreement about how Egypt’s concerns would be addressed. Ethiopia is planning to […]

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The Thirsty Dragon: To Conserve Water, China Raises Prices for Top Users

Via The Wall Street Journal, an interesting article on China’s plan to increase the price of water by end of 2014: China will roll out wide-reaching reforms in how it prices water by the end of next year, the government said Friday, charging higher prices for the heaviest urban consumers to conserve diminishing resources and […]

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Israel’s Water Challenge

Courtesy of STRATFOR (subscription required), a detailed look at Israel’s water related issues: Filters at the Ashkelon seawater reverse osmosis plant south of Tel Aviv in 2008. Summary Israel’s successful efforts to increase water security will lessen one of the country’s geographical constraints. But new sources of water are more energy intensive, and this could […]

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