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Global Risk Of Water Shortages

Via Quartz, an interesting comment from John McLaughlin (retired CIA Deputy Director) on what really worries him – global water shortages: Speaking of contamination, one thing we take for granted in the U.S. is clean, safe drinking water, but much of the world doesn’t have that luxury. The OECD projects that by 2030, close to […]

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Water Rationing In Tehran As Iran Faces Looming Water Crisis

Via Future Directions, a report on the potential need for water rationing to be imposed in Tehran if residents fail to reduce their water consumption by 20 per cent following a sharp decline in annual precipitation: Reduced rainfall across Iran is leading to significant reductions in groundwater reserves and fears a water crisis is looming. […]

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Egyptian Farmers Fear Water Supply Threat From Ethiopian Dam

Via Seed Daily, an article on the continuing tensions arising from the planned Renaissance Dam in Ethiopia: With an economy already in tatters, Egypt’s farmers fear the building of an upstream Nile dam in Ethiopia could lead to water shortages and crop failures with catastrophic effects on their livelihood. “We don’t want this dam,” says […]

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Water: Cooperation Or Competition

Via Hydro-Logic, an interesting graphic on the balance of numerous competitive uses of water that must be overcome for cooperation to really take hold:

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Hungry Neighbours? Indonesia’s Future Food Strategy And Water Security

Via Future Directions, an interesting look at Indonesia’s water security: Key Points Indonesia currently has a low level of food insecurity. Food supplies are theoretically adequate to feed the population, however inefficiencies in distribution systems across the archipelago restrict access to food products at prices affordable for the nation’s poor.  In October 2012, the Indonesian […]

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Egypt And Ethiopia Disagree On Probe Of Nile Dam Impact

Via Bloomberg, an update on the planned Renaissance dam: Egypt called for international experts to help prepare a new study on the regional impact of a $4.2 billion dam in Ethiopia, which said a team made up of officials from the two nations and Sudan is enough. Egypt wants “trusted international consultancies” to look into […]

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