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The Thirsty Dragon and Parched Tiger: China ‘Less Than Enthusiastic’ To Indian Proposal On Water

Via The Economic Times, a report on Indian proposals to China regarding water: India today elicited “less than enthusiastic” response from China on its proposal to have a separate mechanism to deal with water issues amid its continued concerns over Chinese damming activities on Brahmaputra. During the 5th round of India-China Strategic Dialogue, the Indian […]

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Uzbek Delegation Ignores International Conference on Water Cooperation

Via news group, a brief report on simmering water tensions in Central Asia, as displayed during a recent International Conference on Water Cooperation: Representatives of Uzbekistan did not attend the International Conference on Water Cooperation. It should be noted, that Uzbekistan has repeatedly opposed construction of Kambarata-1 hydropower plant in Kyrgyzstan and Rogun hydropower […]

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Iran’s Water Woes More Worrying than War

Via Green Prophet, an interesting look at Iran’s water challenges: International media is so obsessed with Iran’s forbidden access to nuclear energy and the possibility of war that a host of other issues far more worrying than war are being ignored. And it starts with water. Iran’s population of 75 million faces chronic water shortages, […]

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Kazakhstan And Kyrgyzstan: War Of Words Over Water

Via, a look at water tensions in central Asia: A simmering water dispute between Astana and Bishkek is heating up, with Kyrgyzstan threatening to cut electricity to its neighbor and reportedly accusing Kazakh officials of attempted extortion – then denying it. The dispute escalated on July 29 when Kyrgyzstan’s energy minister alleged, according to […]

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Emomali Rahmon: Tajikistan’s Hydropower Future

Via the Emerging Frontiers blog, an interesting look at Tajikistan’s water plans: Resource poor, water-rich Tajikistan sees hydropower as a future asset. Tajik President Emomali Rahmon Wednesday inaugurated a $33.2 million, 220 kilowatt substation upgrade at the Nurek hydroelectric station on the Vakhsh River. The Nurek hydroelectric cascade currently provides energy to about 80 percent […]

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Rush for Nile Water – Now Uganda Plans Massive Hydroelectric Site

Via, a report that Uganda is also looking to capitalize on the Nile’s water: In East Africa, the major water resource is the Nile river, the world’s longest, at 4,130 miles, referred to by Egypt since antiquity as the country’s heart. The past several decades have seen the mighty river’s water flow increasingly contested […]

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