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Indonesia: Water To Become Central Issue Globally

Via The Jakarta Post, commentary on the world’s water stress from an Indonesian think tank: The Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) has warned that water will become a global issue which will influence politics and trigger international conflicts over the next 50 years. “Clean water is decreasing in Indonesia and rivers are being contaminated by […]

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Water: A Regional Threat In Asia

Courtesy of The Diplomat, a look at Asia’s water scarcity issues: For decades, long-range forecasters have been predicting that water – and a lack of it – loomed as the biggest threat to regional security. Booming populations, food security, the occasional drought and competition among neighboring countries for dwindling resources made for a pessimistic outlook. […]

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The Parched Tiger And Thirsty Dragon: India And China Ink Agreements On Water Resources

Via The Times of India, an article on some new agreements aimed at enhancing cooperation between India and China over water: Weeks after the flare-up on the border issue, India and China on Monday sought to further improve their bilateral relations and firmed up eight agreements to enhance cooperation in a range of areas including […]

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Asia-Pacific Leaders Warn Of Water Conflict Threat

Via Terra Daily, an article regarding the threat of water conflict in Asia: Fierce competition for water could trigger conflict unless nations cooperate to share the diminishing resource, leaders from Asia-Pacific nations warned Monday. From Central to Southeast Asia, regional efforts to secure water have sparked tensions between neighbours reliant on rivers to sustain booming […]

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The Thirsty Dragon: Water-Trading Could China’s Exacerbate Water Shortages

Via China Dialogue, a report on how China’s approaches to water trading grapple with the twin problems of ensuring equity of supply and avoiding ecological damage: Poor smallholders are likely to lose out to manufacturing in a water trading system, warn skeptics Large-scale engineering projects and rigorous state control are hallmarks of the Chinese developmental […]

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The Thirsty Dragon: High And Dry – Water Shortages Put A Brake On China’s Economic Growth

Via The Financial Times, a look at the impact of water scarcity on China’s economic growth: Holed beneath the waterline: China’s droughts and water shortages are pushing people to leave their homes and join an exodus to the cities Wang Fuguo, a 63-year-old cotton farmer, does not know when his ancestors began tilling the land […]

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