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Gaza’s Other War Is Over Water

Via Pacific Standard, a look at the water challenges facing Israel & Gaza: Of all the things the governments of Israel and Gaza have against each other, the fate of a water treatment plant would seem like the least of the problem. A little-noted UN report released in August argued the opposite: that the rockets […]

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A Global Treaty on Rivers: Key to True Water Security

Via Yale’s Environment360, a report on the possibility that two separate global river treaties are close to being approved: Is peace about to break out on the world’s rivers? It is amazing that until now there has been no global agreement on sharing international rivers. From the Mekong to the Jordan and the Niger to […]

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The Thirsty Dragon: Qinxu Groundwater Management Solution – Innovation or Economic Impediment?

Two interesting articles and commentary examined a new groundwater management system instituted in Qinxu, a County in Shanxi Province in China – called the Qinxu Groundwater System. The first, via Aquadoc, give us an overview of the Qinxu Groundwater Management System A new groundwater management system in Qinxu, China is a promising solution: Farmers are […]

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The Thirsty Dragon: The Next Challenge For China’s Leaders? Water.

Via The Washington Post, an article on China’s water challenges: Now that the 18th Communist Party Congress is over, China’s new leadership team turns its attention to tackling the problem of the country’s slowing economy. China faces a number of challenges, including dependence on exports and weak domestic consumption, but one of the most pressing issues is a risk […]

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Ethiopia: On Track To Complete First Mega-Dams By 2015

Via Climate Connections, a look at Ethiopia’s plans to build a series of large dams along the Nile River in the next few years: Ethiopia’s energy minister played down concerns on Monday about how it would finance the first of an array of mega-dams due to revolutionise east African power markets, saying it was on […]

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Ethiopia, Egypt, Sudan Agree On Water Co-operation

Via AllAfrica, a report on an agreement related to the Eastern Nile basin: Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan have agreed to resume their tripartite cooperation under the Eastern Nile Basin. The three nations had devised a joint institutional framework and been working together on Nile waters conservation and utilization since 1999. Water resources ministers of the […]

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