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Egypt Pushes Ethiopia To Scrap Nile Dam

Via Terra Daily, a look at the simmering tension between Egypt and Ethiopia over the Nile: Egypt increasingly views Ethiopia’s plan to build a massive 6,000-megawatt hydroelectric dam on the Nile River as a threat to its national security because it will seriously cut the Arab state’s water supplies. Egypt depends on the Nile for […]

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Emerging Asia Hits A Wall Of Water

Via Forbes, an interesting report on the impending water stress facing Asia: It’s often said that people are a nation’s greatest resource. That can be true, especially with their knowledge and creativity, which can supplement physical resources. But one basic must is hard to think your way around: water. So it is that the great […]

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Water In Central Asia: Past, Present, And Future

Via Central Asia Notes, an interesting look at Central Asia’s water issues: Water management in Central Asia: state and impact Since ancient times, water has been an important resource in Central Asia. It has been used by Soviet and now independent states for different purposes. At present, all countries of the region continue using water […]

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In 2010, Egypt Was Prepared To Bomb All Of Ethiopia’s Nile Dams

Via Business Insider, a look at some old information (dated 2010) that indicated that Egypt was prepared to take military action to protect its stake in the Nile: In 2010 Egypt discussed taking military action in cooperation with Sudan against Ethiopia to protect their stake in Nile River, according to internal emailsfrom the U.S. private-security […]

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Lake Malawi: Water Tensions Bubbling Over?

Via Ooska News, commentary on the tension between Malawi and Tanzania over Lake Malawi: A contingent of high-ranking Malawian officials is visiting areas around Lake Malawi to reassure residents that war with Tanzania is not imminent. “A high-powered Malawi government delegation including Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Minister Ephraim Mganda Chiume are in the lakeshore […]

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River Politics: Ethiopia’s Contested Dam Project on the Nile River

Via STRATFOR (subscription required), analysis of the geopolitics related to the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam: At the height of the Arab Spring in March 2011 when Egypt was consumed by domestic unrest, Ethiopia announced it would soon begin construction on a hydroelectric dam along the Blue Nile River, one of two main tributaries for the […]

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