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The Thirsty Dragon: Beijing – Under Water And Out Of Water

Via Circle of Blue, a look at Beijing and China’s water conundrum: “…Beijing is, in fact, running out of water. Last year, I reported on the desperate measures that the Chinese capital is taking to avert an impending water crisis for its population of more than 19.6 million. Perennial drought, overuse, and pollution have left […]

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The Thirsty Dragon And Parched Tiger: Why The Time For A China-India Water Treaty Is Now

Via CNN, some commentary on China and India’s water relationship: China and India need to reach agreement on how they will manage water from one of the world’s great rivers — the Yarlung-Zangbo-Brahmaputra — before it becomes another serious impediment to relations between the two Asian heavyweights. Water scarcity already affects large parts of China […]

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Regions Where Water Disputes Are Fuelling Tensions

Courtesy of AlertNet, a summary of a few of the regions where competition for water from major rivers systems is fuelling tension: SOUTH ASIA India is home to three major river systems — the Ganges, Brahmaputra and the Indus — which support 700 million people. As an upstream nation, it controls water flows to Bangladesh […]

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South Asia: Dam Disputes And Water Tension

Via AlertNet, a look at South Asia water tensions: Engineers and workers work at the tunnels of Kishanganga power project in Gurez, 160 km (99 miles) north of Srinagar, Indian-administered Kashmir, June 21, 2012.  As the silver waters of the Kishanganga rush through this north Kashmir valley, Indian labourers are hard at work on a […]

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The Thirsty Dragon: Pearl (River) Diving

Via China Dialogue, an article on the eastern tributary of the Pearl River that is the lifeblood of Hong Kong and the regions that surround it in south China: The Dongjiang, or Dong River, the eastern tributary of the Pearl River in southern China, supports the lives, livelihoods and environment of almost 40 million people […]

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The Thirsty Dragon And Parched Tiger: An Urbanized World That Is Short Of Water … Or Soon Will Be

Via All Roads Lead to China, a look at a recent HBR report titled Where the Next Wave of Urban Growth Will Come  which looked, among other things, at municipal water demand by the year 2025:  

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