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Jordan- Arab Region Could Face Severe Water Crisis By 2015

Via The Jordan Times, an article on the impending water crisis facing the Middle East: Arab countries are expected to face severe water scarcity as early as 2015, when the annual per capita water share in the region will fall to less than 500 cubic metres, a recent report warned. The situation of water resources […]

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The Thirsty Dragon and Parched Tiger: Rivals For Influence Over Nepal’s Hydropower

Via China Dialogue, a look at how the rivalry between Beijing and New Delhi for influence in Nepal will shape the country’s hydropower policies.  As the article notes: Editor’s note: in February, Nepal signed a US$1.6 billion agreement with China to develop the 760-megawatt West Seti hydropower project within its borders. This marked a major […]

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U.S. Response to Africa’s Future Water Crisis Takes Shape

Via AllAfrica, a report on US government’s plans to develop a strategy for addressing the impending global water crisis in the years ahead.  As the article notes: The United States is developing a response to the strain bearing down on worldwide water resources in the decades ahead. A U.S. intelligence report made public in March […]

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The Coming Global Water Crisis

Courtesy of The Atlantic, an interesting look at the global water crisis: The recent UN alert that drought in the Sahel threatens 15 million lives is a harbinger of things to come. In the next twenty years, global demand for fresh water will vastly outstrip reliable supply in many parts of the world. Thanks to […]

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Unsustainable Water Use Threatens China, India, Pakistan, South Africa And USA

Via Maplecroft, a new report on the threat that unsustainable water use presents to the world: The viability of water supplies throughout key regions of China, India, Pakistan, South Africa and the US are under threat from unsustainable domestic, agricultural and industrial demands, according to a new study that maps water use down to 10km² […]

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Pakistan’s Water And Climate Change Challenges

Via Foreign Policy, an interesting article on Pakistan’s climate change and water challenges: Last month, an avalanche on the Siachen glacier in Kashmir killed 124 Pakistani soldiers and 11 civilians. The tragedy has intensified debate about the logic of stationing Pakistani and Indian troops on such inhospitable terrain. And it has also brought attention to […]

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